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Terms & Conditions

These terms clarify Flow’s responsibility for any loss, damage, delay, wrong-delivery or non-delivery that occurs to the shipment during its transportation and requires submitting a claim notice by the customer within a specific period set forth in Clause 12 of these terms, and the customer must read these terms with all It is accurate and an insurance cover must be requested on the shipment if it is of high financial value.

1. Application:
[1-1] These terms apply to the transportation of shipments between stations using the services provided by (Flow) (if and where available). These services may be modified from time to time by Flo in accordance with the regions served by Flow.
[1-2] In the event of a conflict between (Flow) conditions of carriage and the terms and conditions in the air waybill, manifest (shipment manifest), shipping card or other transit documents, these conditions shall govern, prevail and apply to the customer.
[1-3] These terms supersede, exclude and prefer any other oral and/or written terms or conditions, wherever they appear or take place, or any terms or conditions that the customer seeks to enter or any written and/or oral statements relating to these terms.

2. Tariffs:
“Flow” means Flow Transport Limited and its subsidiaries, representatives, and agents.
“Shipment” means a piece or a group of pieces, whether packages or shipments carried under a Single Waybill;
“Customer” means every natural or legal person who sends and pays the shipment for Flow. For more definitions, please refer to the full version of the Conditions of Carriage on the website.

3. Adjustments to invoices / volumetric weight:
[1-3] If the service selected or the weight entered is incorrect, Flow may make appropriate corrections to the air waybill and/or appropriate adjustments to the invoice at any time, and may charge a handling fee for making such corrections. and amendments to (client).
[2-3] Flow has the right to estimate wages based on volumetric standards and volumetric weight approved by Flow.

4. Refusal to receive shipments:
Flow reserves the right to refuse, stop, cancel, postpone or return any shipment at any time if it is likely to cause damage or delay to shipments, merchandise or other persons or if its carriage is prohibited by law or if it is in violation of these Terms, and if Flow’s acceptance of a particular shipment does not mean that such shipment is in compliance with applicable laws or regulations or that it conforms to current conditions.

5. Substances prohibited in transportation:
The following items are not acceptable for carriage: cash, explosives, corpses or body parts, firearms, pornography, hazardous waste or dangerous goods, dead or live animals.

6. Packaging and labeling:
[1-6] The customer must prepare and pack all the contents of the shipment for safe transportation by air or land, taking care of normal handling.
[2-6] Flow is not bound by any damage arising from changes in temperature or pressure.

7. Inspection and inspection of shipments:
[1-7] Flow can choose and/or (at the request of the competent authorities) to open and inspect any of the shipments at any time, and will not bear any obligations of any kind as a result of that.
[2-7] According to the applicable regulations, Flow will apply random X-ray scanning of the sent shipments, and neither the customer nor the recipient has the right to claim compensation for any damages as a result of this security measure.

8. Dispatch and delivery:
[1-8] (Flow) reserves the right to send the shipment in any way it deems appropriate.
[2-8] Shipments are delivered according to the address indicated by the customer and the shipment does not need to be delivered to the recipient personally, as it can be delivered to a person other than the person or entity named on the bill of lading who has a clear authority to accept the shipment in the name of the recipient on his behalf. The shipper expressly acknowledges and accepts that in some countries of destination, delivery to a third party, to a letter box or to any other place accessible to the recipient may be made. Shipments cannot be delivered to PO Box addresses.
[3-8] Flow shall not be liable under any circumstances for any claim related to the confiscation or seizure of the shipment during the transportation process by customs and/or any other government agency.
[4-8] Delivery on holidays and weekends – if applicable – will be subject to special handling charges.
[5-8] The customer may request to amend the address of the consignee or stop the shipment or return it before the shipment reaches its final destination, but Flow does not provide guarantees to complete the request or a commitment to the implementation time in the event of implementation, the customer bears the fees incurred and that can be obtained Via the price calculator on the website.

9. Undeliverable shipments:
[1-9] (FLOW) is not obligated to deliver shipments:
[9-1-1] If the recipient address is incomplete, incorrect, or cannot be found.
[9-1-2] If the shipment is likely to damage or delay other goods, or cause injury to persons.
[9-1-3] If the contents of the shipment or its packaging have been damaged to the extent that it cannot be rewound and packaged.
[9-1-4] If delivery is impossible due to unavailability of the appropriate person, refusal to receive the shipment, or refusal to sign the shipment receipt statement.
[9-2] The customer is obligated to bear all costs, fees and charges incurred for returning a shipment that cannot be delivered, stored or disposed of.

10. Declared value and limitation of liability:
[1-10] Unless the customer discloses the value of the shipment when sending it and pays the insurance coverage fees, the limit of (Flow) liability for damage, loss, delay, wrong delivery or non-delivery is an amount of one hundred (100) US dollars.
[10-2] The value declared by the Customer for the shipment of any Package represents the minimum (Flow) liability in connection with the shipment of that Package, including but not limited to, any loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, even if the higher value, the responsibility of The value of the loss or damage to the shipment will not be more than the actual value of the contents of the shipment.
[10-3] The declared value for customs and the declared value for shipping may vary by place, and in any case, the declared value for shipping should not exceed the declared value for customs. The maximum declared value for customs and for shipment (regarding the contents of Flow-wrapped shipments in paper or plastic envelopes) and regardless of the final destination of the shipment, is one hundred (100) US dollars per shipment.
[10-4] The declared value for high value shipments should be specific and depends on the contents and final destination of the shipment.
[10-5] Flow will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery or non-delivery of undeliverable Shipments.
[10-6] Flow’s acceptance of a shipment in excess of the maximum permitted value declared does not constitute a waiver of any term or condition of these Terms.
[10-7] If the declared value of the shipment exceeds the approved limits, that value will be automatically reduced to the approved limits for that shipment.
[10-8] Regardless of the declared value of the shipment, Flow’s liability for loss, damage, delay, mis delivery, mis delivery; Non-delivery, erroneous information, failure to provide information, or misrepresentation of information, will not exceed the cost of repairing the shipment according to its consumable value or its replacement cost, whichever is lower.
[10-9] Flow will not be liable for any damages in excess of the declared value or limitation of liability as described in Clause No. (10) of these Terms.
[10-10] In no event shall Flow be liable for direct or indirect loss or damage, including but not limited to loss of income or profit or loss of benefit.
[10-11] Flow shall not be liable for any damage resulting from Customer’s actions or negligence (including but not limited to) wrongful declaration of Shipment, incorrect or inadequate packing, or routing of Shipment, or for acts or omissions of the Recipient or any person Another has interest in the shipment. Flow will also not be liable if the customer or recipient breaches any of these terms or conditions of the air waybill or conditions of carriage. Flow will not be liable for loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, non-delivery, incorrect information, or failure to provide information.
[10-12] Customer is responsible for its shipment if it causes damage to Flow shipments or to third party shipments. The Customer shall be liable for any claim by a third party, or any liability beyond the liability imposed under these Terms.

11. No guarantees:
Except as expressly set forth in these Terms, Flow makes no other express or implied warranties.

12. Claims and Compensation:
[12.1] The sender must submit all requests related to delay, damage (partial or complete damage), shortage, loss or mis delivery within a period not exceeding 120 days of dispatch of the shipment.
[12-2] Flow must be notified of all claims related to damage (visible or hidden) within 48 hours after delivery of the shipment, provided that the presence of damage is acknowledged in the delivery record while the customer receives the shipment
[12-3] The Customer may submit the claim through any of the available Flow channels for Flow Customer Support.
[12-4] Processing of all claims by Flow requires up to 7 business days for implementation unless further action is required by the investigation.
[12.5] As stated and without prejudice to the declared value clause and the limits of liability in these terms and conditions, in the event that the shipment is not subject to insurance, the limit of Flow’s liability is a maximum of 100 US dollars or the value of the carriage (whichever is less).

13. Additional Wages:
Flow reserves the right to estimate fuel charges and other additional charges on the shipment without notifying the customer.

14. Prevailing Law and Approved Language:
These Terms do not exclude any liability where the exclusion of such liability is prohibited by law, and the invalidity or invalidity of any provision shall not affect the other portions of these Terms. The text in the Arabic language is also the approved text in the interpretation of these conditions.

15. Abandoned, Abandoned or Returned Shipments:
If the shipment cannot be delivered for any reason (inability to communicate with the customer, no response from the customer, refusal to receive or the customer’s failure to give instructions to take delivery or the customer ignoring receipt) then Flow shall have the right at its sole discretion to return the shipment to the sender; or shipment status; Or dispose of the shipment or take any other action to serve its interest, and the customer must pay the return fees or any additional fees in cases where the shipment is returned to him because it could not be delivered (but not limited to) because: the customer did not pay any fees Required on the shipment, the customer refused to receive it, rejected by government agencies, the address is incorrect, in addition to the fact that Flow has the right to reserve the shipment and not deliver it if it entails sums of money, whether it is return fees or others, and the customer is not entitled to demand proof of delivery of the shipment after the passage of time Three months from the date of dispatch.

16. Customs Clearance:
[1-16] Failure to complete all necessary customs procedures and required documents accurately (including the air waybill) disclaims the responsibility of (Flow) and it shall not be liable to the customer or any person for any damages as a result of the customer’s non-compliance.
[16-2] (Flow) is entitled to assess additional charges for customs clearance of a shipment or any other additional services for customs clearance of a shipment.

17. Fees, taxes and fees:
[1-17] Flow may choose, on behalf of the customer, to pay duties, taxes and fees as assessed by Customs.
[17.2] (Flow) will not be liable for late payment of duties and taxes if it does not obtain adequate approval and guarantees to do so.
[17.3] If FLOW pays fees, taxes and/or charges, FLOW reserves the right to assess the additional fare. It also reserves the right to sell the shipment at public auction or dispose of the goods in any way it deems appropriate to recover the fees, taxes and fees that have not been paid, and the customer remains responsible for those fees.

18. Data protection and privacy:
[1-18] By providing any Personal Data to Flow, the sender agrees that Flow will use such data for the purposes of Flow (or its agents or subcontractors) performing their obligations under the Air Waybill and the relevant circumstances. Shipper also consents to Flow’s sharing of this data with its affiliates, and confirms that Flow can do the same with the consignee’s personal data.
[18-2] By submitting the Shipment and signing the Policy, the Shipper agrees to the transfer of this Personal Data to these countries.

Customer rights:
– The right to obtain contact information with Flow, details of their website addresses, prices and features of services, any restrictions or exclusions on their use, or any fees that will apply when these restrictions or exclusions are exceeded.
– The right to receive Flow services without discrimination, unless the requested service is not among the obligations of Flow, is not authorized, or cannot be provided for legal reasons.
– The right to obtain the service as agreed upon in the service contract, and in a manner that does not violate the regulations of the Communications and Information Technology Commission
– The right to obtain a copy of the service contract and he has the right to take a copy of it, taking into account the storage period, which is one year from the date of providing the service
– The right to obtain a bond – paper or electronic – for any amount paid to Flow, showing the type of service that was paid, the amount and date of payment.
– The right to maintain the privacy of his information, as it is guaranteed and may only be viewed according to a legal justification or a request from the authorized authorities.
– The right not to ask him for any financial compensation except for the service he requested
– The right to return the excess amounts he paid, within 15 working days at most from the date of discovery or adding them as a balance in his subscription account with Flow.
– The right to file a complaint with Flow within a period not exceeding 120 days from the date of the service contract, through all available means, whether electronic, by phone or in person, and then obtaining a complaint reference number.
– The right to have his complaint processed by Flow within a period not exceeding 10 days from the date of submitting the complaint
– The right to escalate the complaint to the Communications and Information Technology Commission, in the event that the period has expired without Flow resolving the problem Customer Responsibilities.
– Review the terms and conditions of the service and its obligations mentioned in the service contract before using Flow services
– Adhere to the terms and obligations of the service, and not to misuse Flow services in any way, such as intentionally sending materials that are not authorized to be transferred or have a threatening nature, or lead to inconvenience.
– Reviewing the data he provided to Flow during the implementation of the service contract.
– Responsibility for all data and information provided by him in the service contract and its consequences.
– His responsibility to pay the fees for the service agreed upon with Flow in the service contract.
– His responsibility to pay the financial consideration that Flow paid to government agencies on his behalf, provided that Flow provides proof of that.
– To ensure the safety of the shipment before signing for receipt.
– To inform Flow through any of the approved communication channels in the event that a shipment that does not belong to him is received or found.

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