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Complaint Policy

Purpose And Objective:
Flow seeks to continuously develop the services provided to its clients. Complaint management is fundamental to providing high quality services and providing channels for customer communication to resolve disputes and reform policies and procedures. Flow is also committed to complying with the rules of an external government authority in the event of escalation or disputes, and to minimize the financial and operational impact on the customer.

Policy statement:
Flow is committed through this policy to effectively and fairly manage complaints, ensuring that:
Customer complaints will be investigated, and they will be dealt with in a serious and effective manner and to ensure that they are dealt with in a courteous manner.
We will be fair between the customer and any employee the complaint may refer to.
We will not charge the customer to file a complaint.
We will always monitor the privacy and confidentiality of any personal data. No individual involved in the complaint or responsible for managing the complaint will be involved in the investigation process if there is a conflict of interest.
Our staff will undergo continuous training on the complaints management policy and will have direct access to the relevant documents in order to facilitate the effective handling of complaints. Our Board of Directors, management and employees acknowledge your right to file a complaint and are committed to the effective and efficient resolution of complaints or problems that may arise from our services.
The complaints management system included in this policy and internal procedures will be reviewed periodically (at least annually), with the aim of enhancing transparency, efficiency and achieving maximum satisfaction for FLOW clients. Our complaints management policy will always be available on our website: www.flowpl.com.
Complaint Procedures / Submitting a Complaint.
Who can file a complaint?
Any complaint can be submitted by a Flow customer.

First point of contact, If you are concerned about the services we provide, your first point of contact should be Flow’s customer support channel via: call, email or social networks. Our goal is to resolve any potential issues you have immediately, before you leave.

Complaint Procedure Steps:
We expect you to:
Indicate information about your complaint as well as full contact details.
Describe your complaint accurately and clearly.
Be specific about the reasons for the complaint.
To state clearly your expectations, regarding the resolution of the case.
Response time in handling complaints Acknowledge your complaint immediately via SMS or e-mail for automatic acknowledgment.

Your complaint will be processed within 7 working days. A relevant response will be sent immediately.
In the rare cases where more time is required for a proper and detailed investigation of your complaint, an extension period will be requested in writing. In our letter, along with any additional information we may request, we will inform you of the actions we have taken to date and any other actions required to complete the investigation.
Our goal is to ensure that you receive our final response within 10 business days of the time extension notice.
Status update request
If you wish to request an update at any stage of the complaint investigation, you may do so by contacting any of Flow’s communication channels.

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