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Moving , Storage, & Handyman Services

In our moving and relocation service, we can relocate your home, office, or even kitchen within the kingdom with high quality and at competetive rates. With a team of dedicated and highly-skilled experts and technicians, we relocate your furniture, kitchen, appliances, curtains, ACs, water heaters, and Chandeliers with attention and care. Our service includes dismantling, packing, transportation, unpacking, installation, plumbing, electrical and AC work, and debris removal.

With personal storage, we give you storage units which you can put your personal belongings in by yourself, or with our help. Then you can either keep the storage units in your yard or have them stored in our dedicated and fully equipped facilities. When you need your stuff back, you can request a delivery in full or in multiple shipments by contacting us or visiting our website.

With our handyman services, you can request a number of value-added or handyman services such a funrniture assembly, kitchen installation, plumbing, or electrical works to be done at your home or office”

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